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If we were young we'd rise and dance


this is it. this is all you need to know about the band

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I refuse to believe that there is a five year difference between these screenshots..?

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"Album three postponed to 2015"


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"i don’t support feminism because i don’t hate men"


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How can people see Emma Watson being verbally attacked online and threatened with hacked nudes being released by men because of her speech on gender equality and still think we don’t need feminism. It’s not women who make men out to be some evil creatures, you guys do that well enough on your own.

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I didn’t realise how much I needed Beanz’s adorable, hilarious walk in my life until I saw it x

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I Was Trying To Be Funny But It Came Out as Really Mean: A 5-part documentary starring me.

I Was Trying To Be Loving And Supportive But I Probably Overstepped My Boundaries And Came Off as Creepy: a feature-length film with two sequels and a TV series adaption.

I Was Trying To Tell You I Relate To Your Difficult Situation But It Probably Sounded Like I Was Making It All About Me: a novel saga with several side book adaptions and a movie.

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My dog is a fail.

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